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Forklift truck donated

Oct, 08, 2023

We have taken delivery of a vinyl-wrapped forklift truck graciously donated free of charge by Toyota Material Handling UK.

This will reduce the manual handling by our volunteers and improve efficiency

“The truck has made a huge difference to the way that we work. It has allowed us to completely change the layout of our store thanks to the fact that we are now able to move items around the facility safely, quickly and easily. Of course, lorry loading has become a faster and simpler process too and, what’s more, we are now able to make full use of every vehicle’s load capacity – which means we can get more of the things that are so desperately needed to the people of Ukraine.

“It takes about a third of the time to load a truck than it was taking to do the job manually, so the volunteers that were previously required to help with the loading process can focus on other tasks – so we are able to make optimum use of the time that they so kindly give us.” -Mandy Baxter

Read more at Toyota

Mandy Baxter

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