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Mission Statement

Boxes of Hope sets out to maintain a level of normality to displaced individuals and families who are being affected by conflict and tragedy.
We will assist in any way possible to ensure the communities understand they are not on their own and other communities care about their wellbeing.
By working alongside volunteers Boxes of Hope aim to encourage the community supporting each other and showing kindness and compassion at every stage.

Boxes of Hope believe in helping their fellow man and kindness is the foundation of all actions by staff, volunteers and all involved with the organisation.
We do not judge and take individuals at face value. Giving opportunities to others where maybe others would decline.

Encouraging and nurturing individuals to reach their full potential in their daily life and investing time and effort into this.

Boxes of Hope Mission Statement

To assist displaced individuals & families who are being affected by conflict & tragedy while sending humanitarian aid to the areas affected.

With our volunteers we encourage the community with proactive opportunities, showing kindness & compassion at every stage, to enable families & individuals to regain control of their lives.

Boxes of Hope Values

We will not give up until all affected families and individuals are in control of their lives. We will deal with every situation with up most integrity and compassion, without prejudice.

Boxes of Hope Goals

Improving Services and Support – Helping families and individuals by giving them the opportunity to receive the correct support enabling them to regain control of their lives and to make informed choices about their future

Aiding Equality – Gain equality for people who have been displaced by conflict and tragedy who may experience discrimination due to their ethnic or religious beliefs.

Organisational Excellence – Make the most of our assets by building a centre of excellence for displaced families and individuals.


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